Prescription Lens Integration for Vuzix Devices: Enhancing Accessibility and Flexibility

At Metix, we're committed to making our smart glasses as accessible and flexible as possible for all users. We understand that not everyone has the same visual needs, which is why we offer a solution that allows users who require prescription lenses to seamlessly integrate them into their Vuzix devices.

Customization for Your Unique Needs

We recognise that each individual's prescription requirements are unique. That's why Vuzix offer custom prescription lenses that cater to your specific needs. You can order these custom lenses directly through the Vuzix website, ensuring that your smart glasses meet your vision requirements.

Compatibility with Vuzix Blade and Blade 2

Currently, custom prescription inserts are available for Vuzix Blade and Blade 2 smart glasses. These devices are designed to accommodate prescription lenses, providing a more inclusive and adaptable experience for our users.

Ease of Installation - DIY Process

Integrating your prescription lenses into your Vuzix device is a hassle-free, do-it-yourself process. We've provided a step-by-step installation guide to make the process as straightforward as possible. You can find the guide here.


Vuzix customised prescription inserts are readily available for purchase. You can inquire about and purchase these inserts through the Vuzix official website by visiting this link.

Our goal is to make our smart glasses accessible to everyone, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of wearable technology without compromising your visual needs.

With Metix and Vuzix, you have a partner that values your unique requirements and is dedicated to providing solutions that cater to your individual needs.