Solutions for Audits

Metix enables live audits with your greater team no matter where they are located.

Use Case

Construction projects often involve complex audits to ensure regulatory compliance and project quality. Vuzix smart glasses streamline these audits by providing inspectors with hands-free access to blueprints, safety protocols, and regulatory guidelines.

Inspectors can document findings efficiently with photos and videos while maintaining connectivity to project management software. This approach accelerates audit processes, reduces paperwork, and ensures that construction projects adhere to industry standards, promoting safety and quality assurance.

Case study

Audit Organisation

Live audits on the completion of jobs saved this organisation over $300,000 a year.

  • Problem:

    On completion of a job a team member needed sign off from an external agent and had significant wait times to complete.

  • Solution:

    A live video conference between the repairer, management and interstate auditors allow for immediate site assistance, review and sign off.