Solutions for Inspections

Metix enables your teams to complete walk-through inspections of remote facilities in real time.

Use Case

Construction inspectors face the dual challenge of maintaining quality and adhering to safety standards. Vuzix smart glasses amplify productivity by displaying critical information right before their eyes.

During inspections, inspectors can access building plans, safety checklists, and even collaborate with remote experts through video calls. The hands-free operation allows them to document issues by taking photos and videos while conducting inspections, ensuring thorough and efficient assessments. The benefits extend to improved connectivity with project management software, streamlining the reporting process and reducing administrative overhead. The result is increased productivity, enhanced safety, and better construction quality.

Case study

Inspection Organisation

International and regional facility inspections can be completed with no time/costs associated with transit.

  • Problem:

    The team needed to do a walk-through inspection of their new build site but were unable to physically attend the site at the same time.

  • Solution:

    A Metix enabled worker on site gave the team a real-time walk through with two-way video and audio feedback.