Solutions for Telepresence

Metix enables our frontline workers to access expert assistance anywhere/anytime.

Use Case

In the medical industry, where timely consultations and expert opinions are crucial, Vuzix smart glasses enable telemedicine to flourish.

Specialists can provide remote consultations with medical professionals in remote or underserved areas. These glasses offer a high-resolution camera, hands-free operation, and connectivity to electronic health records, allowing doctors to examine patients and access their medical history simultaneously. This increases the efficiency of medical consultations, improves patient outcomes, and reduces the need for travel.

Case study


Chemo@Home grew 30% over 3 months and doubled the amount of treatment nurses are were able to administer.

  • Problem:

    Due to an increased demand for at home treatments, Chemo@Home needed to quickly recruit, onboard and train new nurses.

  • Solution:

    New nurses were fitted out with Glass and could easily connect back to headquarters or experts working from home for immediate assistance.


How do I clean Glass?

You can clean both the Glass arm and frame with a standard alcohol wipe in between use.

What if I wear prescription glasses?

You can purchase Smith Optic frames that allow you to inset your own prescription as required.

Can I invite medical reps to meetings?

With a Zoom account linked you can add as many external participants as your licence enables. EG. 100+ on a Pro account.

Can I link the units to medical equiptment?

Glass can be linked to medical equipment but requires custom integrations. Contact us to find out how our partners can assist.

Can I record a session for training and notes?

Yes. Through Zoom you can record the video/audio to your local computer or cloud depending on your subscription.