Solutions for Maintenance

Metix enables teams to access expert assistance no matter where they are in the world.

Use Case

Warehouses and storage facilities rely on smooth equipment operation for efficient logistics. Vuzix smart glasses enhance productivity in maintenance by providing technicians with real-time access to equipment manuals, maintenance schedules, and video tutorials. Technicians can swiftly diagnose issues, consult with remote experts, and document repairs—all while keeping their hands free. This ensures minimal downtime, maximizes equipment reliability, and streamlines maintenance operations in warehousing and storage facilities.

Case study

Maintenance Organisation

Mitigated the risk of a machine failure causing a $5,000 per minute shutdown.

  • Problem:

    Maintaining specialist equipment from overseas when technicians are unable to travel.

  • Solution:

    Local Metix enabled team members could connect with international teams to simultaneously work on maintenance of equipment with expert assistance.